I’m missing a tooth!

If you want to see a photo, read on.

Why I am I telling you this?

Because it demonstrates a few things that are important for you to know.

  1. You can’t always know yourself what imbalanced pattern is projecting out as said ‘problem’.  I do this for people all the time, and have healed many of my own ‘problems’, and yet, when it came to seeing the energy of my infected tooth, there were blocks.  An infection became evident for me over a year ago.  I thought for sure I could heal it myself.  I was focusing on the “infection”, thinking it had to do with my thoughts about how our world is infected with evil.
    And yet, I couldn’t seem to shift the infection in my tooth, and finally succumbed to having the tooth extracted.
  2. Some things are meant to be as they bring other learning opportunities and possibilities for advancement.
    Now that the tooth has been removed, I’m seeing not only the true core imbalances, but in working through the emotions of not having this tooth, I’m healing and expanding on other levels as well. 

That said, the main thing I’ve been feeling since the tooth has been extracted is that I don’t want to be seen nor heard because I might look or sound funny without my tooth.

One of the things you want to do when you have any ‘problem’ is describe your feelings about it and then consider how you might be feeling that way in other areas of your life.  When you get to the core feelings, you can use EFT to neutralize those feelings, which will shift the situation in a positive direction.

Anyway, with the tooth gone, I had a new set of emotions that reminded me of how things were when this tooth thing started.

I had been sharing my thoughts on the energy of things happening in the world, and how to be aligned with the ascension that is possible at this time, and I was either ridiculed, ignored, unacknowledged or greatly resisted by those who didn’t want to take action. 

And everything had been great up to that point.

Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed in so many ways as a result of being on a path that is aligned with ascension, which has to do with Revelation 18:4:  “And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

However, the tooth, along with other angelic guidance in dreams (explained below) and the number 11 I see almost constantly, is telling me, “Many could learn from you because you’re wise. You should step up and show the leadership that’s in you”, and so I am now choosing to heed that guidance!

Sure, my tooth is gone, but the temporary, partial denture is not fitting well and causing pain, the energy behind that being a continued resistance to sharing what I know, along with a few other recently discovered emotions I have yet to neutralize.  The bone above where the tooth was has been dissolved by the infection so I won’t be able to get an implant unless/until the bone regenerates.

I know energy well enough to know that if I don’t start sharing, the bone won’t grow back and I won’t be aligned with the possibility of an implant and the partial denture won’t work well.

That said, I’m CHOOSING to change this energy, and I’ve created a new telegram channel called “Your Energy, Your Creation” (subject to change) and I am personally inviting you to join!

Why telegram?  Because it’s a social media platform that is mostly “out of her, my people” (in reference to Revelation 18:4). 

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., are all controlled by the system and are heavily censored.  They don’t want you to know what I have to share! 

And the first thing I’m sharing on my new channel is a photo of me without my front tooth!  Yes, it’s embarrassing, but I’m owning this opportunity and stepping up to being your guide out of the matrix!  Join my new telegram channel where together we can explore the energy of things and how we can all ascend together:  https://t.me/YourEnergyYourCreation
If you’re not already on telegram, you’ll have the opportunity to install it when you click the link.

I’m subscribed to a many channels that talk about natural remedies and things like that, but telegram needs a channel that talks about the energy of things, because at least for me, none of that stuff works if your energy isn’t aligned with who you are! 

Here’s what I foresee the telegram channel facilitating:

  • Discussion over various ‘problems’ and what the core energetic pattern is that projects out as said problem.  I may get this information from sessions or from answering questions.
  • Insights into what is happening in the world, where we are going and how you can be above it all (ie ASCEND). 
  • Short training videos that outline my process for transforming ‘problems’.
  • Different ways we can avoid toxins that are in our food, water, and air.
  • Live podcasts or zoom calls to facilitate a flow of information from the higher realms.
  • Your questions, comments or suggestions that lead to insights and shifts for everyone.
  • Anything else that comes through as ways to help us all be who we are, and live happy, abundant lives!

As mentioned above, part of my guidance has been in dreams. I’ve been having dreams about bombs being set to detonate and I am moving people to a safe place before the explosion!  I believe the bomb is symbolic for the “implosion” that I feel will have to happen to all that is evil in the world and I’m being guided to create a community that lives beyond the constraints of this world.

So please join me on my new channel and let’s get the heck out of dodge together!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright