My specialty is helping you transform anything you consider to be a problem. Whether it be related to your physical health, finances or relationships, it is my belief that these problems can be healed and that you can manifest your desires once the underlying patterns are healed.

I know how frustrating “problems” can be, but I have found that it simply means your beliefs and vibration are not in alignment with who you really are and the imbalance causes an unwanted experience  designed to get your attention and correct your course.

And we get off course due to events we perceived in a way that created a limiting belief.  And you’re not meant to be limited!

And so, in a session, I look for what that is.  I have found that when you can see where you’re meant to be going and what gifts have been suppressed with the limited thinking, you have the opportunity to shift out of the “problem” vibration (and healing past incidents does help you do that), and into a vibration that will create “flow” in many areas of your life!

And I’d love to help you with that.

You can purchase and schedule your session directly at (or the Schedule a Session tab) and the work can be done at a distance, either over the phone/skype or completely offline when I tune into your field with a bit of personal information from you.

The more time I have with you, the more information I can provide and the more healing work I can do, so I recommend purchasing a Full Psychic Healing Session, which is an hour.

Although the session can be done without you being present, if I am getting information/visuals that are hard to interpret, it will be easier to have you on the phone to discuss it.  Otherwise, I just keep asking questions until things are clear.  That means the session may take longer and may have to be continued in a follow up session.

If your session is offline, as I’m tuned into your energy field and asking questions, I will be typing up a report based on what I see and how healing is applied, and then I email that report to you after the session.  If it is over the phone or via skype, your session would be recorded and a link to that recording provided after your session.

I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.