A plan to kick off 2024 creating amazing shifts

Last night I was thinking about how people and certain experiences can drag you into a low vibration.

And that helped me to realize what a good opportunity that is to raise your vibration.

Simply stated, When they try to drag you down to their level…

Don’t let them!

Think about what you want

How you want to feel

And Feel that.

You can choose to

A part of you wants to stay where you are

That being what you know

Afraid of the unknown

But you can know

Because what you feel is what you create and based on what you feel, you can know

So, feel the way you want to feel

Because it can be no other way than what you’re feeling

Sometimes the physical has to catch up to the energy of the feeling

But at some point in your ongoing practice of it

The physical becomes almost instantaneous

It just takes practice

And I have a plan that will help you practice, so keep reading!

I realize that when you’re in the middle of something it can be VERY hard to feel the way you want to feel

The ego gets in the way, big time

But the way that you feel is the experience you’ll attract

So staying in the way someone has made you feel (because you gave them the power to do so) will keep you in that experience

But feeling the energy of that which you want to feel will get you there (to the same feeling experience)… you can’t help but create it.   Think of “I dream of Jeanie” (I hope I’m not dating myself here, lol).  She had to know what she wanted when she blinked her eyes, right?  Do you think she did it from an angry place? From a fearful place? The minute you think of the way you want to feel… possibly a situation that makes you feel that way… you’re there.

Didn’t she always have a smile on her face?

They were trying to tell you something.

It’s possible.

As I mentioned above, the hard part is feeling what you want to feel when you’ve somehow created that which is something that makes you feel a way you don’t want to feel!

Though I’ve shared this as a link, I’m going to explain rather quickly so you know it can be simple, HOW to do this.

  1. It’s a matter of watching where you resist.  Resistance isn’t flow and you want to flow to the experience you desire.  When you catch yourself resisting, choose to stop, set intention for what you want (with a smile on your face and/or the blink of an eye), and then notice/observe what happens to bring your desire.
  2. If you can’t do that, see if you can look at how your energy is creating what you don’t want, and if you’re able to at this point, what your energy would be like if you were experiencing what you do want, and then CHOOSE to step into the energy that creates what you do want (the feeling of having what you want).  If you still can’t choose, you have to look at the patterns that are causing the resistance (ie negative emotions and experience).
  3. This is where EFT comes in and I’ve created a guide to help you move through the patterns that are projecting out as the illusion of your problems.
    1. The first thing you’re going to do is complete a form that helps you recognize how you’re choosing such an experience.
    2. Then, you’re going to plug those answers into “the mother of all EFT setups” (MOAES) template and do the tapping.
    3. Then, you’re going to notice.  Things will shift with the tapping and likely other aspects/layers/emotions will show up.
    4. At that point, instead of resisting any new emotions, you’ll really study them for the core emotion that is the vibration projecting the experience you don’t want.  For example, in seeing a lot of injustices in the world these days and in looking for ways to be free, I realized that other people’s experiences had me vibrating at a frequency that matched “denied remedy”.  As soon as I thought of that, it totally hit home as even natural remedies I’ve tried for things hadn’t been working for me.  The universe is always providing clues!

Anyway, this is a quick run-down of what you do.  You’re going to keep striving for that place where you feel the way you want to feel and you’re going to do it by catching yourself in resistance and following the steps above, detailed more completely and providing links to the forms on my online Quick Guide.

I was working through this the other day, got through all of the negative emotions, and right after I did that, I blinked my eyes with the intent of what I wanted and I kid you not, I got it with a minute of doing so!

WHEN YOU NEED HELP… when you can’t see the forest for the trees and want to know what the imbalanced patterns are that are projecting out as any given ‘problem’, that’s when a session can help. 

A full, 1-hour session allows us to uncover as many patterns as an hour long session provides.

A This into That session will provide the information on the imbalanced pattern along with what a balanced pattern looks like for YOU.  Your path, purpose and what is in alignment with who you are may be different than someone else’s and being in alignment with true-you is the key to success in any endeavor.

I’m here for you!

I’d like to setup a group either in Facebook or Telegram where we can share experiences doing this, but I have to see that there is enough interest, so let me know if you’re in!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright