When other people are a problem

Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays were happy and 2023 has started out in a positive way for you.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a new beginnings and working through the challenges that started in 2020 has definitely opened doors to a better world.

My biggest challenges during this time had to do with other people and since I’ve worked through those challenges and am now seeing the fruits of transformation in that area, I wanted to share my take away from those challenges.

And it’s as simple as this:

Let their stuff be their stuff!

During the past 2 years, I either found myself empathically feeling other people’s stuff far too intensely, or I cared far too much about the path they were taking, knowing it wasn’t a good one.

Either way, it affected me in a myriad of ways, but mostly it held me back from a future I know is possible for “those that choose it”. 

It took until June of last year to really be able to let go and as soon as I did, a way forward, a way out, and a way above it all appeared in my life.  I’d love to share that at some point, but at this point, the subject of this email is about letting their stuff be their stuff!

Although I could easily be triggered by other people, I found that if I paused to understand them, I could easily see “their stuff”, and it completely took me out of their stuff, realizing why they do what they do, why they choose what they choose, and why they act out the way they do.  And I was able to not take it personally and even have compassion which is KEY to ascending above it all.

Although some so-called gurus will tell you that ascension is simply about being “nice” and “loving”, I would have to disagree.  Ascension is about being ABOVE IT, where you see it for what it is, and are able to not let it affect you.  Whether it’s about seeing the remedy for yourself or seeing why people choose the way they choose (and how they’ll have to learn their lessons the way they learn their lessons), you MUST get above it and in doing so, naturally ascend.

Hence, my new favorite phrase “let their stuff be their stuff”.

Now, if you CAN’T let their stuff be their stuff, and believe me, I’ve had those moments as well, then it means it’s YOUR stuff and looking within is the answer.  If you need others to be a certain way in order for you to feel better about yourself, it is YOUR stuff that needs to be transmuted as these people are the projection of your own imbalanced patterns. 

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Here’s to a higher vibrating, more conscious and aware 2023!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright