I have 25 questions for you

Let me rephrase that!

I have 25 questions that one might ask themselves when they want to transform any ‘problem’ in their life.

Whether related to your:

  • Health/appearance
  • Career/finances
  • Relationships/Love life,

If you feel like you have a problem in that area, it means you might be projecting imbalanced patterns out as the illusion of a problem.

I like to call it an illusion because it can dissipate when you come into alignment with who you are.

And how do you do that?

By obtaining the answers as to what the imbalanced pattern is and giving it the ol’ one/two punch!

The #1 punch is your own awareness of the pattern, the #2 punch is your choice to change the limiting belief!

That said, I have taken my Transformative Journaling Outline and laid it out in a long form that you can use to gain the insights that align you with your higher self.

And you can find that form at probleminator.com and it’s free for you to use.

The world needs true you!

There has been an evil faction of society that has lured much of the population into solutions that do not benefit the people, and it is critical that you come into your own power and fight back. 

Don’t fall for the ‘be nice’, ‘be compliant’, ‘be peaceful’, ‘be like everybody else’ agenda they push on you with fear in order to dumb you down. It is time to RISE!  And that starts with being who you are! 

You are here for a reason.   

YOU are needed in this world.

Be you, be strong, be powerful and let’s take on these satanic forces and take back our freedom by claiming sovereignty over our own mind and bodies!

I’m here when you need help. When you feel you’re too close to the problem to get real answers, I’m still available for sessions that will bring my clairvoyant insights and healing energy to any given situation.

In loving light,

Sundi Bright