The Mother-of-all EFT Setup Statements

I’ve said it before that being neutral is the zero point state you want that allows you to pivot to the experience you desire.

Problem is, letting go can be so hard!

And though I’m always looking for the “best” way to do that, recently I went back to where I started on this psychic healing journey and that’s with EFT.

I’ve found EFT to be very effective at helping neutralize the charge that disrupts the energy field, creating an imbalance that projects out as any given ‘problem’.

The trick is using EFT on the core emotion or imbalanced pattern and that’s not always easy to see in ourselves.

I’ve recently created a template to help one create effective EFT statements that cover all the important aspects of any given ‘problem’.

I’ve been very excited to get this tool I call the “Mother-of-all EFT setups” (MOAES) template out to you in the more complete book form, but with many other things going on, it looks like I won’t have that done for a while.

Therefore, I want to offer the opportunity for you to obtain this tool before the book release.

Since you won’t have the knowledge contained in the book, I feel it necessary to provide a real-life example of how to use it by formulating the Mother-of-all EFT setups FOR YOU.

Therefore, I have created a session that provides the Mother-of-all EFT setup statements for your specific problem or challenge.

I am offering that in 2 ways.

Special Offer

For those who want to provide feedback and possibly used as an example in my upcoming book, I am offering the tapping statement for any one problem at a rate of $44. See the bullet list below to learn what that includes.

For those who’d rather not be burdened with providing feedback or testimonial for my book, the introductory rate for a Custom EFT tapping statement for any given problem is $77 provided in a Neutralize-It session, which includes the template.

With the information I gather clairvoyantly about the imbalanced pattern that projects out as your ‘problem’, I will use the template to create the Mother-of-all EFT setup statements FOR YOU.

You can then tap as often as you need to until you’re neutral on the imbalanced patterns I find and use the template to create EFT statements for yourself based on any other aspects that may show up once you clear the ones I find.

So, what you will get when you participate at the reduced rate is:

  • The core pattern projecting out as your ‘problem’, obtained clairvoyantly
  • The tapping setup statement that includes this core pattern along with many other factors that contribute to this ‘problem’
  • A progression of tools you can use to help overcome ‘problems’, including the Mother-of-all EFT setups template that includes 10 questions that help you formulate the Mother-of-all EFT setups for your specific issue.

Here’s a testimonial from one client who is using my progression of tools:

I am discovering your spiritual tools are amazing!

Perhaps now was a good time for me to take a dive deep in a way I never have before. For the most part, these resources were there the entire time.  I am now seeing my life through a different vantage point. I like the way all the tools are pooled together in a hierarchy of use.

These resources are helping me to understand it’s about loving myself through each uncomfortable emotion and observing how my neutralized state makes incremental changes to the outside world.  

It’s actually becoming fun!

Thank you Sundi.

For now, this is being done offline unless you schedule a full, 1-hour session, in which case we can do the tapping together while providing the reading.

I have always been someone that, instead of wanting you to rely on me, will do what I can to provide you the tools that empower you to work though life’s challenges on your own.

That, of course, doesn’t mean I’m not super happy to assist you on your journey when you need an outside perspective and one with a clairvoyant ability to see these things!

That said, I am looking forward to creating the ultimate EFT setup statement to help you neutralize patterns that are causing pretty much anything you consider a problem.

I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey and helping you find the power to transform challenges as they come up!

In loving light,
Sundi M Bright
Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Law-of-Attraction Coach