Presto! This turns into That!

I want to tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, my healing work was off-the-cuff and as simple as transforming this into that.

The ability to clairvoyantly see things vividly came on suddenly

Yet diminished soon after


Because I had to know HOOOOOWWWWW.

Seeing isn’t always believing in my case as I have a very discerning mind.

As far as just about anything goes.

So when these clairvoyant abilities presented themselves in a spontaneous fashion, I was like “whaaaaat?”

And that doubt sent me down a rabbit hole.

The next many years was about understanding how I was doing it.

Except, “I” wasn’t doing it.

It was just happening.

Yet me, in all my ego, insisted upon backward engineering my psychic abilities.

That said, what this post is about is telling you I’m going back to the basics.

For those of you who don’t need a multi-page reading on why you have challenges in your life, what power you’re supposed to gain, who true-you is, etc., and how all these things work, have I got a session for you!

In my analysis of the times when “healing just happened”, I’ve finally come to a place of understanding how it works and that has resulted in the belief that it can and DOES work, which has reignited the power in it. 

And that has resulted in some pretty powerful shifts happening all around me!

Therefore, I am implementing that power in a new session I’m calling the “This Into That Session”.

When you have a ‘problem’ (this), this session will turn it into what you desire (that).

To be true to my technical nature, I have to explain HOW “this” can be turned into “that”.

First, “this” is just the projection of some imbalanced pattern. It’s not even real.  It’s just a clue that something within you needs balanced.

That” is a projection of your intention, powered by an energy field in balance. 

To get from “This” to “That”, all of the imbalanced patterns, which are essentially blocks to what you desire, need to be dissolved.

Then, an attraction factor (shamanic stuff) is added so as to attract/create “that”.

Which is something I can do without telling you every little detail of the traumas or karma that created the imbalanced pattern in the first place!

Which brings me to the point of introducing the NEW “This into That Session”.

When you tell me your “problem”, and “desire”, I inform you of the patterns projecting out as such, and do the energy work to transform “this” into “that”.

Since choice is part of the equation, you must know what both the balanced and unbalanced patterns looks like so that you can choose one or the other.

Then it’s a simply matter of watching how your desire manifests!

You will be transforming as the imbalanced patterns that are “this” are transformed into “that”, and that will happen at the pace you allow it to happen at. 

Note, you don’t have to know your “that”, ie what you desire.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want when you can’t see past the problem, and therefore the session would simply transform the imbalanced to the balanced.  THEN, from a balanced state, you can create something new with your intention (and have it powered by your balanced state).

This session can either be purchased at as an offline session, or be scheduled at as a live session at the introductory rate of $111.10.

I look forward to helping you transform problem into desire!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright