The power that is meant for you at this time

Dear Friend,

And as the world churns with upheaval, I feel guided to jump in to remind you of how your challenges are meant to help you find your power in them.

Whether you realize it or not, the world has been a place where those in power maintain that power by scaring and manipulating the general population into submission.

But the world is waking up to this self-serving agenda and what you see around you is their fight to stay alive. They do so by making it hard for you, by stirring up negative emotions and by keeping you needing them with their illusion of some kind of support.

If you choose to look to anyone or any establishment for your needs, you are giving your power away.

And at this time in our earth’s history, if you are to experience a world of true abundance, freedom and ascension, you must take your power back and use it to rise above the situation, co-creating a New Earth in doing so.

That all starts with working through the areas you feel pain and suffering, dear one.

Any area. Whether it is related to your relationships, your finances, your physical health, your appearance, or anything else you consider a ‘problem’, there is a core emotion that is based in fear and is keeping you from your highest potential.

Keeping you from your power.

And so, to overcome all this, the place where this fear has been established must be acknowledged, accepted, loved and told how safe he/she is.

Once that part of you has been validated for the way he/she feels, and is healed, then the fear of the same kind of situation ever happening again can be faced.

When you face your fears (in your imagination) with the intention of moving through them, you do. Your energy on the thing that you fear, literally causes it to dissipate. It helps you find your power to overcome the challenge and advance along your path.

To summarize, these are things you want to focus on when facing any ‘problem’ or challenge in your life.

  1. Healing the initial wound that initiated the creation of the ‘problem’ by providing YOURSELF with the validation, acceptance and unconditional love you feel you didn’t get from someone else.
  2. Choosing something better
  3. Facing your fear in that choice
  4. Obtaining the power meant for you in the inciting incident and using it to advance along your path.

All of my sessions provide you with at least the information you need to be able to do this, but I have been guided to apply more focus to healing the trauma from the inciting incident and helping you activate the power meant for you in that incident.

The POWER Activation Intro session was a beta test that helped me refine the process by providing information on the initial, unresolved wound that has projected out as a ‘problem’, what fear was creating limitations in one’s life experience, and most importantly, activated the power the incident was designed to create. The results have been phenomenal!

Any ‘problem’ you experience usually has its roots in a situation that caused you to dim your light… it diminished your power and your ‘problem’ was the result. In a full session, now more effective and efficient and reduced to a 45 minute time slot, I psychically look at those situations, apply healing, let you know what your power is/was in that situation and then activate and enhance that power shamanically.

However current events are affecting you, dear one, there is a power that, when activated, will help us all ascend out of a kind of slavery created by our own mind and I’d love to assist you on your own personal journey.

In loving light,
Sundi M Bright
Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Life Coach