New Year, New Earth Potential

As we close another year of intense energies moving us toward transition, I want to invite you to honor the lessons learned and challenges faced and begin to shift your focus toward creating a New Earth.

This post is simply to remind you that there if you have chosen to free yourself of the 3D Matrix we’ve been living in for so long, breaking free of personal limitations (that have projected out as a government and elite faction of society that limits us), it’s time to start moving in that direction!

Up to this point, my message has been about working through the shadow parts that create limitations in your earthly experience.  You may recognize these has health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, or all of the above!

When you find yourself relatively problem-free and/or knowing how to move through challenges to obtain your power, you know you’re ready to start creating a New Earth.

For those in the know, it can be hard to fathom HOW we’re going to get past this, as it feels like a whole lot of people complying to mandates and such, are creating/choosing a world that has those kinds of controls in place.  This is exactly one of the challenges I had to move through in my own mindset.

I have said from the beginning (in mostly very triggered facebook posts which got me kicked off), this world is going to split in some way.  In spite of an innate knowing that this would happen, I still had to work through an anger I had at those that would allow themselves to be led down what I see as a very bad path.

I know energy and I know we create our life experience and considering the division and 2  totally different mindsets (with some variations), something is going to happen that will split our world.  On the one hand, you will have those who will experience the limitation they have chosen.  And, on the other, you will have those who experience the freedom they have chosen by preserving their DNA, if you know what I mean. 

Although 2020 and 2021 brought many challenges, these challenges are designed to help us make a choice as to whether we want to continue with the old way of doing things within the 3D matrix, and trusting others to lead us in some way, or choose a better way of being…  One that’s free of all the suppressions that have been put into place by those that wish to use us for their own benefit. 

I have to admit, although I’m choosing freedom, I have had a hard time imagining what that freedom could look like!  After all, we’ve been rats on a wheel for so long we’re kinda used to it!

And yet, considering the wars, violence, hate and difficulty, I have always known something was wrong in the world and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to create a New Earth.

It sounds like a daunting task, I know!

It sounds like little-‘ol-me can’t possibly make a difference, I know!

But you can.  Collectively, WE can and it starts by simply envisioning a better world. 

That said, I have followed my own guidance to a place of doing a Daily Envisioning Exercise that is starting to really create an expansiveness that I can truly feel!  I thought the synchronicities were cool before, but now they’re beyond words awe-inspiring.

That said, I want to share that process with you.  It’s simply a few questions that you ask yourself every day… not holding back and getting super creative in doing so! 

Here are the questions that make up the exercise:

Daily Envisioning Exercise

  1. Is there a ‘problem’ concerning you, or a situation that causes resistance, that needs neutralizing/transforming?:
  2. Describe what you desire or what you want the world to look like in the near future:
  3. What does it feel like to experience the world in this way?:
  4. How is this different from how you feel now?:
  5. How can you feel your desire, and/or what step(s) can you take today to move toward your desire and/or New Earth creation?:

Once you answer these questions in a journaling format, I recommend you visit the page again, and comment on how you notice your vibration moving toward feeling #3. 

OR, to remind yourself of how to move toward feeling #3.

I am sure that I will have some new offerings to compliment the intention to create a New Earth, but at this time, I’m not sure what those will be.  If there is a need you have… a place where you feel you need help, feel free to shoot me an email.  I’m open to suggestions.

I would also love to hear about how things shift for you in doing this exercise!

Happy New Year!  Let’s get busy creating New Earth!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright

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