I’m Boycotting Inflation

In a world of rising inflation I am choosing otherwise, and boycotting inflation in my own business.

What that means for you, is, instead of raising my prices, until the end of the year, I am providing a discount on my favorite session… the neutralize-it session and WON’T be raising my prices next year.

I am CHOOSING a different world… a different timeline, if you will, and I want to talk to you about how you can do the same.

The way I see things, you either go along with the way things are going in the world, and you have a descending experience,


You create something new and better and say NO to the old ways that were bad (although made to have you believe they weren’t) and will only get worse,


You choose something way better.

I have said it from the beginning.

It starts by looking within.

It starts by considering where YOU, personally, have a ‘problem’, or what I like to call the illusion of a problem.

Because, as said in the signature line of my emails,

What if your problem was simply an illusion… a 3D holographic projection of some imbalanced pattern that is trying to show you where you are off-track so that you can correct your course? 

Illusions quickly dissipate when you come into alignment with who you are and the path you intended for yourself in this lifetime.

The neutralize-it session is my favorite session because most of us have a whole lot of neutralizing to do before we can even fathom something better.

I’ve been working on this for a long time, so I CAN fathom something so much better in this world and know that all that is happening in the world is happening so that that better world can come about.

I have to tell you… You cannot be going along with the failing narrative if you expect to be part of this new world.

A lot of you may not want to hear that because it’s not convenient for you to do so.

But that is being weak, not stepping into your power and definitely not in alignment with the new world that is transparent and where people are not afraid to tell the truth nor see the truth as this is WHERE YOUR POWER IS. 

I hope and believe that if you are seeing this, that you are not one of the ones that are lost.  Those that chose to believe authority figures that dupe you into feeling safe, offering a “solution” to the problem they created in the first place for the purpose of conning you into a so-called solution and in doing so, capturing you as a prisoner of war.  It’s a different kind of prisoner than those of past.  It’s a prison of mind and body. 

Although there are some exceptions (aka placebos), that solution only suppresses you and your potential. The lies and manipulations pull you into the darkness and a world of illusion that is confusing and limiting.

As the world opens up as only TRUTH and AWAKENING can do, you experience expansion.

But you Must CHOOSE freedom.

I’ve spent many years knowing something like this was coming and preparing myself and creating a system to help others move out of the limitation of their minds. 

Although the pandemic has created many challenges to work through, I did just that… I worked through them and did not succumb to the fear porn.

There is nothing to be afraid of if you KNOW what’s going on. 

If you want to get out of the darkness… if you want to be part of a new world that is possible as the old falls away… if you don’t want to be part of the old that is falling away(!), I recommend you start standing up to the tyranny that is happening in the world. 

It’s not so much about fighting… as I understand that peaceful human beings don’t choose to fight… it’s about SAYING NO to hate, fear, and control!   You CANNOT and WILL NOT be free unless you do so. 

As I started to say at the beginning, I am saying no (and FJB) by giving you a discount on the sessions that will help you understand why you may be limiting yourself. 

The neutralize-it session takes any ONE problem, tells you how your vibration creates that problem, where it comes from (what incident or dynamic in your life in the past stayed with you vibrationally speaking), if there is karma involved, exorcises inner demons that influence you, and conveys how I see what true-you really looks like. 

Just like with what we’re experiencing today, with the reading and energy that I provide, you will have to make a CHOICE to either allow past traumas to have power over you, or step into your own power.  Your own power is all about being who you are, so it shouldn’t be anything uncomfortable.  Although possibly a little scary to begin (if you’re afraid of what other people will say and think of you, etc), but feel so good to be who you are.

Like I said, until the end of the year, I am offering Neutralize-It sessions at a $14 discount and am also offering a package of 6 for $300

If you want a full session, I recommend you purchase a Neutralize-It session at the discounted price and a 30-minute follow up session.  I’ll do the neutralize-it half of the session offline, as that gives me the opportunity to see your energy field from a more detached perspective (as I can get pulled in TOO much empathically speaking when talking live), and then we can talk and do more in a 30-minute live session.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

In loving light,

Sundi Bright

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