In order to maintain balance in my life (required for this type of work) and to take the time I need to create content to help more people, I have a limited schedule set aside for doing reading / healing work.

However, I realize there are times when you need an appointment before my schedule shows available time.

For those times, when you feel you must have a session before my next available appointment, I am offering sessions at an increased rate of $200.  That session may be based on the format of my regular Full Psychic Healing, or simply to provide guidance from the spirit realm on any questions you may have or any problems you are dealing with.

In order to view this special schedule, please choose “Off-hours Session” from the drop-down at


If you need a session on the weekend or Tues-Thur morning, please contact me.

Full Psychic Healing Session

In a full psychic healing session, I will be doing everything I do in an intro session and more. Here are some of the things I may look for in a full psychic healing session:

  • I will scan your energy field, clearing and cleansing any dark energies
  • I will look for the inciting incident that initiated the creation of the “problem” if applicable
    • I will then look at the pattern that represents the effect of this incident and send healing
  • I will look for the nemesis (usually a mindset) that causes the problem to persist
  • I will look to see how this mindset is serving you
  • I will go back through your timeline to clear energy blocks that have contributed to the creation of the “problem”. These incidents are likely more challenges you experienced as a result of the mindset adopted as a result of the inciting incident
  • I will look at the past life event that is related to the problem, sending healing to that part of you that experienced trauma there
    • I will look to see what specifically is carrying over from this past life and either clear or send healing to it
  • I will look for the strengths/gifts/abilities/experiences this mindset is suppressing
  • I will look for a truth/perspective that would be more empowering
    • I will do energy work to help shift you to the new mindset
  • I will look for the most prominent emotional pattern that is contibuting to the problem and send healing
  • I will look for what outcome you desire, accessing the morphic field of infinite possibilities!
    • Once I access this possibility, I will take a snapshot, create what I call a MAGIC MANDALA from that snapshot, bring it back and install it in your energy field.
  • I will look to see how your desire will be created. This may give clues as to anything you may need to do to make it happen!