Fun & Easy exercise to expand your consciousness and create flow in your life

Long time, no post! I apologize for my lack of guidance lately. I admit I get all caught up in current events and searching, studying and learning about what’s going on in the world.

That said, I have also had times where my anxiety is off the charts, which always prompts me to look for effective ways of neutralizing such anxiety so that I may share with others.

A few days ago, I gave an assignment to a client and decided that I would do the assignment for myself and am surprised and delighted at how effective it has been for both of us.

It actually simplifies the manifestation process while helping you to become more conscious. Being more conscious and aware leads to expansion that has the potential to open you up to a whole new world that is very very possible at this time, due to the shifts that are taking place in the world today.

The way to this expansion is in moving through resistance. Resistance can slow, stall and even stop the process and this post is meant to help you move through the resistance so as to open yourself up to the expansion that is possible at this time.

Boxed inEnergetically speaking, I see a lot of people put in a box of severe limitation.  The walls inside the box are painted with the images the mainstream media wants you to see.  These images and other conflicting information is very likely creating much of the resistance that you may be feeling.

On a more positive note, I want you to know that the images presented by the mainstream media are an illusion and that you can get outside of the box, expanding your view and opening yourself up to the clarity of a VERY bright future. 

It is all by design as the trigger or resistance that these images create is meant to help you heal and move through the illusion to a much better place.  But the key is getting outside of this box.  

The power to do this resides in a simple log of the resistances you may be experiencing which is explained in a document I have made available for download for FREE

If you need help, I’m available for personal sessions.  I am currently doing sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If there is a problem you can’t seem to move through, I can psychically access the origins and energetically help you neutralize the charge from past situations that is causing the disruption in your energy field and manifesting/projecting out as some ‘problem’ that is creating limitation in your life.

In an offline Neutralize-It session, I focus on neutralizing the underlying, core emotion(s) that contribute to the creation of said problem.

The Align Attune session would be more for someone who knows exactly what they want, would be able to describe it and feel it as they complete the form, and just needs some help with aligning with their desire. This is also an offline session.

If you want a live session, I recommend the full, 1 hour session. A full session may involve the work of a soul retrieval and/or address the physical issue itself with shamanic practices.

I hope this assists you on your journey!

In loving light,
Sundi M Bright
Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Law-of-Attraction Coach

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