How to cope with a Trump Presidency… and prosper!

If you’re having a hard time dealing with Trump as our president, this article is for you.

I want to warn you, though, this article is not coming from a political viewpoint.

When I was a little girl, I would witness my dad yelling at the TV, it seemed anytime the president was speaking. It seemed to me that he was always upset with the president. Every president!

And what did I takeaway from that? Stay out of politics and don’t let who’s in office disturb your peace of mind.

And that may have led me down the path of helping people step into their own personal power.

With this election, and new leader, however, I couldn’t help but be pulled into the negativity of it all. As an empath, I literally feel the discontent of the country, as it lowering the vibration of the entire nation. Obviously, that’s not good!

I’m hoping that this article will help you step into your own personal power and rise above the negativity so that this country has a chance of truly being great again.

“If” having Trump as our president does affect you negatively, there is a reason for that and an opportunity for healing that leads to empowerment.

The first question to ask, is, What memory is being triggered in you as a result of this man in office?

He obviously has his faults…
• He demoralizes women?
• He has something against immigrants?
• He may not have all his facts in regards to the environment?
• He has a really, really bad haircut!
• To name a few.

(According to the little bit that I can’t help seeing in the news, anyway, but I personally don’t know because I don’t spend my time worrying about that sort of thing and I don’t believe everything they say in the news. Except for the haircut, of course… that one is obvious!)

Why are YOU so up in arms about Trump being president?
Where does this effect and trigger fear in you?

Do any of the rumors about the President stoke any negative memories of your past?

Let’s take the first fault mentioned because I can relate to that one myself.

The rest of this is mainly for the ladies, but if you’re a man reading this and can understand my example, you can use the logic to transform this Trump situation in a way that benefits you in your life.

So, ladies?
What he DID was so terrible, wasn’t it?!
Groping a woman and then bragging about it!

Does that bring back memories of when that happened to you?
And he got away with it?
Like Trump?

What did that do to you when it happened to you?
It made you a victim, didn’t it?
Poor you.
Instead of having the strength and courage to either tell somebody or put a stop to it, you played the victim.
And now the man that is supposed to be leading this country is triggering that memory in you and it is hurting you all over again!

This isn’t about Trump and the more you protest and cry and scream and fight against it, the worse you will feel, because you will never win. And even worse, the same thing will happen to you over and over and over again because you remain in that “vibration”.

So, how do you win? How do you cope… and prosper?

You focus on healing that part of you that feels so defiled, degraded, and victimized.

Realize that EVERY negative experience is an opportunity to learn. An opportunity to grow. An opportunity to become stronger and use that strength in a way that advances you on your life path.

You could’ve looked at the situation differently. What you took from that (if you are still in a negative state as a result of a similar experience) is that men are pigs, they don’t value women and to have this guy as our president is validating your belief! And that is so hard to handle, isn’t it?

But, what if you looked at it a little differently?

What if you realized that this groping, this infringement into your personal space, was an attraction to your true power?
Ladies, face it, we have something that men obviously want.
Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned by religion and such to be made to feel that we are bad because of it, and many of you will cover yourself with extra weight and other undesirable appearances to keep them from coming at you in that way.

You are powerful.
And he wants that power.
It makes him feel powerful.
And if you give in easily, he’s then empowered.
You just GAVE HIM your power!

I have a feeling that just about every woman has been groped or experienced sexual harassment from a man in some way… except for those whose power is obvious!
I know I have.
But you learn from that experience.
You learn that they want you.
Or they want to suppress your power.
And you learn how to use that power to your own benefit.
You work your way out of the situation using that power. “Wait, wait, wait, this would be a lot more fun if [insert a statement that is you… who you are… how you’d handle it]”.
He wants it, he’s gonna take it, but what if you told him it would be a lot more fun if “I weren’t tied up”, or “I got on top”, ….
You’ll know exactly what to say in the situation. As soon as you drop the victim role, you step into your power and the words just come. You’re aligned with your higher self, who from that perspective knows EXACTLY WHAT TO DO OVERPOWER the powerless. He’s powerless and that’s why he’s trying to use his “force” to overpower you. But you, with the power, can handle the situation.

And just think, if you handle this situation, what else can you do in your life with this power?!

That’s your lesson.
You learned what they want from you. Now you know. Now you use the knowledge in a beneficial way.

Let’s reiterate…
He wanted it.
You either let him have it or risked,… what?
Him not liking you?
What do you care if he doesn’t like you if you don’t like him anyway because he did that to you?
He may not like you, but he will respect you.
He’s afraid of you.
He wants to conquer you because he senses your power and it makes him uncomfortable.
YOU have the power.
Do not let him conquer you because he has a nice car or because it’s the only attention you’re getting these days or because you don’t want him to be mad at you.
When you do that, you GIVE him YOUR power!

And then you’re mad at him, you’re the victim and he now has your power.

Trump is triggering your own self-loathing for being a “victim” in a similar experience.
And you really just don’t want to face being mad at yourself for not stopping him.
And so, you put it on him.
And play the victim, the activist, the protester in an attempt to make HIM GO AWAY so you don’t have to face the failure in yourself to have done anything about it when it happened to you.
And make everyone feel sorry for you and support you.
And now all of those “supporters” are also giving him your power.

But, you ask, what if it happened when you were 2 years old?
Guess what that is?
You did that to someone else in a past lifetime and you CHOSE to come back in this lifetime to clear your karma. It is karmic debt. If you want to clear it, you come back and experience it yourself and react with compassion and understanding as you would’ve wanted someone to do with you.

You didn’t have to come back and clear your karma, and you may choose not to clear your karma now that you’re here, but your vibration will remain low, you’ll continue to give your power away and you won’t experience the life you were meant to live.

So how do you clear it?
Because when you forgive him,
You forgive yourself.

So, strength is in realizing he has something you want.
And using it in a way that is for everybody’s highest and best good. 😁
You make him stop.
You tell him you’re not a tomato that he can squeeze whenever he wants.
You say, “don’t do that”.
You teach him how to treat a woman of power.
You didn’t the first time, but it’s never too late.
You can realize what you could’ve done, forgive yourself for not having done it, and resolve to do it the next time.
Negative energy cleared.

Or, you can hold in your anger and pain and your hate for men and you draw that energy to you again.
And THEN you can tell him you’re not a tomato that he can squeeze any time he wants.
And you are victorious!
You have your power back! A VERY high vibration that will advance you along your path.

Yelling and screaming and protesting Trump is not going to clear your karma and you’re not going to learn the lesson that you were meant to learn, and you’re going to remain weak and in a low vibration that advances you NOwhere.

Realizing what you would do when a man wants your power… that calm, cool and collected knowing that you have something he wants and you don’t actually have to give it to him (because you are more powerful than him whether you know it or not).

You are the one with the power. He thinks he can grope you into giving it to him?

Not when you realize what he wants.

Maybe once, but you LEARNED and you won’t do it again.

If you hold onto the hate and the shame, you’ll draw in that of the same vibration.

And in that low vibration of victim, the same thing will occur.

And it’s not Trump’s fault.
He “may” be powerful because he took the power of many women (who wanted a rich man and gave him that power for the “possibility” of getting some of those riches).
That isn’t a judgement. That is you having been conditioned by religion and politics that you are a woman and you are weak and so you think you need a “strong” man.
However, it is not the right-to-do-something that makes you strong and powerful (whine, scream, protest). You just are. And when you realize that strength, the energy of it attracts situations that validate your strength.
Better jobs/careers, better relationships, better life experiences in general.

You can still take your power back.
You can choose to own your power and “if” it happens to you again, you’ll know what to do.

If it’s a different one of Trump’s wonderful traits (or faults in the eyes of some) that triggers you, think about the incident, how you can look at that incident in a way that empowers you, and how you can take back your power.
If what “is happening to you” is happening because you’ve put the same sort of energy out into the universe, that’s karma, but that can be cleared. There was an incident that you interpreted in a negative way, therefore reacting negatively when triggered and directing that energy at someone else. But, if you look at the original incident as a learning experience… one that empowers you in a way that that is for the highest and best good for all… you win.  We all win.

Take back your power back and from that high vibration, use it to truly… Make America Great Again.



-Sundi Bright
Psychic / Medium / Healer / Law-of-Attraction Coach