Your Need to Be Right may be Hindering your Path to Healing

I have found that those who need to be right have the toughest road to healing.

And it’s not just about being right, it’s about someone else admitting they’re wrong.

Not realizing the reflection of their own inner world.

So, the more they need to be right, the more they encounter situations where they’re allegedly wronged by someone who refuses to admit it.

Subconsciously, it goes something like this:

“He did such and such,

And I’m traumatized because of it.

He needs to pay!

And pay!

And pay!

And pay!

Until I can be happy again!

Until he says he was wrong.

Making me right.

HE HAS to acknowledge that I am right!

Or I refuse to heal or be happy!

And I’m going to punish him with my unhappiness!

Staying in my misery that he created until he admits it!

And then, ahhhh.

That is absolutely the only way I’m allowing any healing to take place here!”

If the realization of what may be going on subconsciously doesn’t shift you, EFT can help.

Here are some EFT statements when you’re stuck in this pattern:

Even though he (or she) needs to acknowledge I’m right.

  • And admit that he/she is wrong…
  • In order for me to be happy again…
  • Happy in making him feel like a schmuck for what he did…
  • So that he can feel bad till the end of time.
  • And making me feel even more right,
  • I deeply and completely accept myself and realize that NOBODY wants to be wrong.
  • Including me.
  • The mirror.
  • As above.
  • So below.

Even though I need him to acknowledge I’m right and he’s wrong so that I may be able to live again,

And even though I’m giving him the power to allow me to live,

And even though he’s not doing a very good job,

  • I deeply and completely accept myself.

The Tapping:

  • He’s wrong
  • I’m right
  • He won’t say it though!
  • He’s WRONG
  • THE @$#%^%$!
  • F??K HIM (or her)!
  • Admit it!
  • Admit it!
  • Needing him to admit it.

Keep on tapping until it feels completely ridiculous.

When you’re neutral, ask for closure.

And you’ll get it.

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