I’m now creating transformational jewelry!


The creation of these Shaman Styled Stones has been Divinely guided and styled aesthetically and energetically with your transformation in mind.

Spirit has been guiding me since it’s inception and I am being shown that spirit works through me as I style each stone.

Here is the information I received last night from spirit:

To benefit the most from your Shaman Styled Stone, you will want to…

Study it,

Twirl it,

Feel it in your fingers,

Notice how it feels.

Every little bit of it. (And this counts as meditation by the way)

It is all Divinely orchestrated to heal you as you study it.

Every aspect of the stone..

Every little weave

Every little uneven twirl…

Is meant to heal you in some way…

So, notice the details about it and then start noticing what happens to move you to the place you desire.

You may be guided to a ShamanStyledStone in my shop at shamanstyledstones.com, but if not, one can be made for you.  I can either read your energy field to determine what you need most in a ShamanStyledStone, or you can let me know what you want to transform, and I will make a ShamanStyledStone to help you with that.

I’m just starting and don’t have all the logistics worked out, but it’s probably 4-6 weeks out and currently $200-500 for the ShamanStyledStone depending on the material used and you will have a chance to choose the metal.

You can have a few ShamanStyledStones to represent different things you want to transform.

You don’t have to do anything except allow it to do what it does.

Just study it curiously and then pay attention to how things are different in your life experience.

How your thinking is different.

How your perception is different.

My facebook page @ShamanStyledStones has been setup so that you can talk about your ShamanStyledStone, and how things shift in your life.

When there is nothing different about the ShamanStyledStone the next time you view it, you’re done with it.  Either you’re where you want to be in some area of your life… although you’ll probably have upped your bar by then…. Or you have a new problem you want to transform and you’re ready for a new ShamanStyledStone!





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