Hey, #metoo movement, where did you go?

Did the men who were exposed 20+years later suddenly transform into loving, respectful human beings??

I really need to make a headband like this!

I admit, I’m a little bit slow to respond to whole movement to begin with.  My first inclination was not to feed into the mass victim mindset, and so I simply brushed it off.

Which is my usual response to these kinds of things, but I am finally stepping into my own power to initiate change in the world.

It is not a bad thing that you have spoke up about this, and acknowledgment is the first step in transforming the issue, however, you were meant to learn something at the time, and pointing the finger is not the way to heal from the trauma.

#metoo is a first step and it’s a step that had to be taken to acknowledge the problem.

Now, it’s time to heal it with #NOTmeJACK

It would’ve been most appropriate to learn from the situation at the time, rather than stuffing the negative emotions and subsequently, giving up your power.  I understand that we live in a world where this hasn’t been taught as a general rule, so don’t beat yourself up over it (or worse yet, slam me for exposing your victim mentality, lol).

By allowing this, you hoped to gain something, granted in some cases, it may have been to survive, but in other cases, not so much.

And yet you didn’t, did you?  Did you get what you want with that?  Did you get the part, the job, the relationship… the love?

Not if you fell victim to it, and if you’re part of this #metoo movement, you probably did.

I have to say, it almost sucked me in!  Triggering memories that I almost allowed to overcome me in victim mentality just because its “out there”.  But noooo!  #NOTmeJACK

Back to you and your creation.

And, empathically, I feel your resistance here!

Keep in mind, the situation may have been created out of a very subconscious choice (before incarnating), stemming from your intention to step into your power in this lifetime, so let’s look at that.

“Problems” such as this mass experience of women being “used”, “raped”, and otherwise “violated”, is about those who wish to be in control (as in some men), invalidating women by shaming them into silence, victimhood and suppression, while stealing their power!

No longer a Goddess, she cannot rule.


And yet, YOU let them do this.

And by taking that responsibility for it, YOU are EMPOWERED.

I repeat:

By taking responsibility for what happened, YOU are EMPOWERED.

And if you didn’t say anything then, there was a part of you that knew it would do no good.  That you might even be blasted, criticized, doubted, and shamed for it.

You knew.

So, what then?

If you continue to look at is as something that’s been done to you or taken from you, that will be your experience. Over.And.Over.Again.

If you look at it as if you have a certain amount of feminine power, you will have, and you’ll be able to use that accordingly, and as a Goddess, for the good of all.

Men (although not all of them are like this) aren’t going to like this at all!

They’re the “users”.

It’s how they control you!

Not. Anymore.

Wake up Goddesses!


#metoo ≠  #empowered

#metoo = #victim #miserylovescompany #ifitelleveryoneyougettobetheproblem #Ideservejustice

#metoo = #menhaveyourightwheretheywantyou

#NOTmeJACK = #empowered

#NOTmeJACK is not allowing the vibration of victimhood that still has you disempowered.

#NOTMEJACK = #justicecomesfrombeingaGoddess

#NOTmeJACK is about you realizing how much they want “that”, and knowing that you incarnated as a female at this time to USE YOUR FEMININE POWER!  Not to disempower men, but to raise consciousness above the level of victim/savior mentality and to raise the vibration of the planet accordingly, wiping out these kinds of actions with the power of your understanding, compassion, love and healing.


And for all you guys out there… you might look for YOUR own power by accessing your feminine side.  Just sayin’!


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