The world is waking up.

Great Spirit wants you to be able to match the vibration the earth is ascending to so that you can enjoy the benefits a higher vibration creates.

A lot of Mother Earth’s shadows are being shaken off and eliminated as a result of those who are doing this work on themselves and helping others do the same.
Those who are doing this are going to be fine.
Those of you who haven’t been doing this, now have an opportunity to go within, heal, and raise your vibration.

Whether you’re physically ill with COVID-19, or simply sick of what’s going on and how it’s affecting you, consider the possibility that it is all by design.

If you can look at it as an opportunity to release that which doesn’t serve you (which, in my knowledge of viruses, is what it is designed to do), you will be able to move past it in a much easier, and flowing way.

And even you lightworkers may be facing one or more important lessons that are needed in order for you to match the new frequency.

The frequency of the new Earth…

Of Gaia…

I always advise my clients to be mindful not to resist the changes that need to take place in order for growth, expansion and ascension to occur.

The more you resist the lesson any problem (including this pandemic) is trying to teach you, the longer the ‘problem’ persists.In order to awaken, you must be able to come face to face with your shadows as you ask the questions you may not have wanted to look at up until now.

And when you ask questions, the answers have an amazing way of presenting themselves.

So, think about what’s been bothering you lately.

Or HOW this thing is bothering you, specifically.

And how that might be a mirror of some way that you were feeling inside already.

Ask yourself when this feeling began.

Who was responsible?

If you can forgive, love, have compassion for, and be grateful for the power you gained in the experience,

You’ll feel better.

This will go away.

The shadow that it is.

And we’ll ascend.

My journaling outline helps you know what questions to ask.

And answers bring solutions, growth, transformation and ascension/expansion.

I have found that when something bothers me, if I just sit in it, it shifts.

In fact, I like to visualize a wide spotlight coming down from the heavens and shining its light on the ‘problem’, displaying needed information in the illuminated ray of light coming from above and bringing everything back into balance.

My last radio show provides more information on this and also sends the energy of my Neutralize-It Express session.

Come with us to a much better way of being.

We want you there.

We love you.