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Dear reader,

I want to talk to you about being neutral and the power in this state-of-mind and how to achieve it.

Although, for the past 25+ years, I have studied and practiced everything from diet and exercise to ascension and spiritual growth, what I always going back to as being the first step to healing, transformation, spiritual growth and ascension is neutralizing negative emotions.

If you are not allowing, or have not allowed these emotions to fully release, there is a very good chance that they are still vibrating in your energy field and causing a disruption which IS an imbalanced state that ends up creating what you don’t want.

That doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to have them, you’re simply not supposed to hold onto them.  And if you don’t process them, then you will naturally hold on to them, believing they are protecting you, when really they fester and cause a lot more damage.

And one may feel that they’re not harboring resentments, but if you have any kind of so-called ‘problem’ in your life, you are out of balance.  And an out-of-balance state is usually the result of pent up emotions from past situations that have led to limitations that project out in the physical world as “problems”. This includes health problems (including appearance issues), money problems and relationship problems.

Although up until now I have thought it beneficial to know what you DO want in any given situation, I realize it is often very hard to know or see yourself having what you want when you’re out of alignment. It’s far too easy to focus on the problem when you’re in the middle of it and I totally get it!

Therefore, I have created a session (and a supporting method) that will focus on accessing and neutralizing the charge that disrupts your energy field, manifesting as “problems”.

The session, called the Neutralize-It Session involves me seeing clairvoyantly how the problem is a mirror of those pent-up emotions, accessing the incidents that holds the charge, neutralizing that charge, AND… something else that is blowing my mind!

As I’ve worked to perfect this session… the goal to create significant shifts in a short amount of time… spirit has led me to something I’m still in awe about.  Mainly, because I have no frame of reference for this particular subject… and I have been trained in many modalities, including medical intuitive training.  

I spoke of this process and this new concept on the radio recently. To download the recording, which offers a brief, waking-state meditation to neutralize any ‘problem’, click the link below:

Here is a testimonial from someone I worked with who contacted me regarding a cellulite issue just as I was making this discovery:

 “Sundi is pure magic. I approached her to look into my cellulite issue that was worsening. What she uncovered was quite crazy, it’s made me accept a purpose I know now I need to accept and with this, over night the cellulite has gone! I’m in awe of her magic but I can believe it’s gone because iv never felt so called to approach someone in all my life. I deeply resonate with our bodily manifestations directly linking to underlying issues and so I was very open to her work and her findings. I understood and I’m jumping for joy for the freedom I feel because of this release. I look forward to working with you again. With so much gratitude, love and blessings. “

—Lucinda, United Kingdom

My Transformative Journaling Outline is designed to walk you through accessing your own power in any situation and that outline can be downloaded either as a member or from my etsy store at

In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Shamanic Psychic Healer and Law-of-Attraction Coach

What if your problem was simply an illusion… a 3D holographic projection of some imbalanced pattern that is trying to show you where you are off-track so that you can correct your course? 

Illusions quickly dissipate when you come into alignment with who you are and the path you intended for yourself in this lifetime.  

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