Processing emotions leads to Awakening

Okay guys,

Some of you know I’ve really been bold and in your face on facebook about waking up during our current pandemic.

I admit, I’ve been a bit out of balance to say the least.

But I’ve worked through it and I’m going to tell you how I did so and maybe it will shed some light on how you might process the difficulties and emotions associated with what’s going on in the world.

I’m hoping this will help you to see how when you don’t feel blissful, there is something going on inside that needs healing. 

I was feeling way too anxious to actually be in balance.

This story might be a little all over the place, but it does all come together in the end

All of my incessant posts have been the result of an imbalanced pattern inside me:

That being I feel I’m responsible for all your problems!

I hate to admit it, but meditation has shown me that that comes from my time in Atlantis when I was into both crystals and technology and I got a little too into my own power

And contributed to the fall of Atlantis

Karma is playing out here

At first I didn’t want to have anything to do with those darn crystals!

All the other psychics were using them though…

And they were soooo pretty….

Calling me back to them…

But NO… I don’t need you to do my work! 

I can do this without you!

But maybe just one.

Okay, maybe a few more.

Okay, how about if I make you pretty like this

Oh, yeah, that’s feeling right, baby.

Maybe I can weave a program around you like this…

To give you the power to do this…

Oh, damn, that feels good!

For a little while there,

I wanted all that power to myself!

And karmic frustrations ensued.

Back to the drawing board.

Okay, how about just one set…

That will help me with my sessions…

So that the tools handle that energy for me

Cuz it’s wearing me out doing it myself!

But, this time I just want to do good!

Moving out of the karma of contributing to the fall of Atlantis,

has dealt me some pretty rough karma in this lifetime

The empathy is almost debilitating, I tell ya!

But it has also taught me to be a better person

To want to help you feel better

Because when you hurt

I hurt

The pandemic has sent me into a frenzy, feeling that I have to save the people before we fall to those who were greedy like I was in another life

I have to save you!

I have to get y’all vibrating above their vibration!

So that WE can all stand up to them and overpower them with our light!

And yet, there IS enough of us,

So we’re truly good.

So many us are working to raise the vibration of the planet, that if you’re a half way decent person, you’ll be able to ride on the coattails of those who are shining our light on a bad situation so as to expose it and heal it. 

And you’ll become awakened in that process.

But back to discovering my own imbalance in this matter

I even dreamt that I was solely responsible for fixing this thing

I didn’t know if that was true, or if that was imbalanced.

It made me feel anxious, but I couldn’t tell if that was good or bad.

And lately people email me with huge long lists of issues!

I’m like WTF, am I supposed to be fixing all of these issues in people all at once?

Because, seriously, that could cause so much of a detox that it would be 10x worse than using Ayahuasca and purging for 5 hours (like what happened to me the one time I did it). 

That’s when I got out the pendulum to help me put 2 and 2 together.

Only needed to ask a couple of questions.

Is there a session that I can create that will solve all of these problems for people in one fell swoop?


Am I supposed to be solving all these problems for people all at once?


Am I out of balance in thinking that I have to solve everybody’s problems all at once?




Okay, so do I do sessions similar to the way I’ve been doing them?


All of a sudden the download came in.

What was working.

What wasn’t working.

Full sessions over the phone lately have been difficult.  I’ve been having issues with my phone breaking up and I’m exhausted after having all these problems dumped on me.

I can’t help a lot of people doing that.

But the newer sessions, utilizing my crystal tools have been working wonders.

It all boils down to a new session, I’m calling the Ascension Session.

It will be a very short reading that simply tells you who you are… what your energy looks like when in alignment with who you are.

And how you’ve been out of balance in that area.

And then my tools do the work to align you with you, therefore creating a step up in your vibration… or however many steps your physical existence can handle at this time.

“If” you want ascension to be easier on you, I’m here to help.

It is happening, and you are going to awaken without my help, but…

That awakening could be very uncomfortable if you’re not ready for it

I want you to know, that If it doesn’t feel good,

If you don’t feel good

In whatever situation…

The imbalance is in you.

Remember that.

It’s not that you’re bad or wrong

It’s just that there’s a hurt inside of you

And I’d love to help you heal that.

I will be working on the details of the session and it will be ready by next week.

Blessings to you, dear one!

In loving light,

Sundi Bright

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