Healing for the victims of racism

With recent events triggering the pain of racism in so many, I wanted to do my part to bring healing to the situation.

At first, I personally wanted to point the finger at George Soros, and although I believe he instigated the whole thing, including the ‘act’ itself, blaming him or anyone else for the suffering that has occurred will not heal the situation.

I’ve tried to see the situation from different perspectives and what I see is that some people with dark skin reporting that they have not had the experience,

While others have had it often.

Who, then, would be to blame?

First of all, let’s not blame. Period.

Let’s look at it as an opportunity to heal the wound and expel the shadow that perpetuates the experience, creating it over and over again until you go down to the lower world of your psyche, confront that shadow, and obtain the power that was meant for you in the experience.

Power that can take you to a better place. 

Power that can help you ascend above and out of the vibration that pulls in more of the same experience.

How do you do that?

I’m going to do so as a sort of an offline ‘group’ healing, transcribing my session as I move through it.

The first thing I do, is look for a common denominator amongst the victims of racism.  In other words, I am looking for the pattern that these victims share that holds them in a vibration that attracts this experience.

When I look for that pattern, I’m taken to a past life scene where the trauma first began.

A white figure beats down a black figure.

The feeling of ‘I can’t escape this’ is prominent.

I can’t get up.

I’ll be knocked back down.

There is only this.

Against all that I am.

Against all that I could be.

Will not let me be me. 😥

The anguish is palpable (especially to an empath!)

And I encompass it with all the love and compassion I can muster so as to neutralize the pattern.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

And then to the white man who betrayed himself and his heritage, being influenced by those who came up with this idea of slavery to begin with and creating karma for his descendants:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Such anguish has built up to the point of manifesting the shadow that hides in the depths of your psyche as a collective and even manifests as physical beings to help to form the 3D ‘illusion’ that is racism.

I see the shadow as one who leads you round and round and round, dangling a carrot, but keeping you fixated on the carrot as if in a trance.

With the snap of my finger, I break you out of the trance and send this shadow figure far far away.

“Archangel Michael, please remove these shadow figures from the psyche of each individual with this trauma, along with the shadow figures of the collective, both physical and non-physical.” 

While in the lower world, I am met with another shadow figure.  This one pulls another one by the hair, as if in an excess of punishment for a sin.


“Archangel Michael, please remove this shadow figure from the psyche of each individual with this trauma. Wiping out the pattern of excessive punishment.”

I am then taken to the incident that created this shadow, I am tuning into the feeling of defeat within that soul… and the soul of the collective who has had this experience, and I send it all the love and compassion and a balancing energy to neutralize the charge held therein.

Back into the shadows, I’m taken where I find an entity that keeps you feeling ‘less-than’.  When shadows are lurking like this, they hold you in a vibration that manifests as a seemingly physical reality.  And yet, its all an illusion that can dissipate when this pattern that projects that reality is removed.  As it is now.

“Archangel Michael, please remove this shadow figure from the psychic of each individual with this trauma, wiping out the energy of the ‘put down’. “

I ask that all that is left in the psyche of those who have been the ‘victim’ of racism, be shown to me as a general pattern that I can neutralize with tools created with the healing program that I have just executed above.

Limitation, desperation, fear is what I see.

And is all being neutralized now.

As a collective, how can the true self of those who have been affected by the experiences foretold be shown to me?

You are strength.  Your survival has created an even greater physical strength than that of what you were before and why they beat you down.  Beautiful, glistening bodies of strength and a power to build. To create.  To expand.  

They were afraid of this strength.

Thats why they beat it down.

Your ancestors are the great builders of ancient pyramids and magical structures and you now encompass this strength, plus the strength that has been magnified in your life experience.

You don’t tear down… oh look how they tried to make you out to be someone who tears things down!

Oh how they tried to turn you into what they are!


Go forth and be who you are.

Great creators.

Great builders.

I connect you now to this true you.

In doing so, I watch as the magical geometric symbols turn, churn, connect to the all and expand throughout your energy fields creating oneness with all that is.

And so it is.

Thank you Great Spirit.

Thank you Great Spirit.

Thank you Great Spirit.

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