When healing/transformation isn’t happening

As much as I’d like to wave my magic wand and fix everything for every single person experiencing challenges in their life, that, unfortunately, is not my place on your healing journey.

My place is to help you see what imbalanced patterns are projecting out as the ‘problem’ and do what I can to neutralize them so that it is easier for you.  However, if you refuse to let go of that pattern, because part of it is choice (you have free will and I can’t intervene in that) and fall into one of the categories I’ll be talking about in a moment, you are choosing to keep your ‘problem’. 

I understand how hard it is and how scary it can be to let go of that which you believe protects you, but that is succumbing to the inner demons that limit you.  Too many inner demons in this world have projected out to create the outer demons the world is becoming more aware of at this time.  And if you’re not aware of them, then you’re likely falling into one of the categories I will get to in a moment and probably not healing from your own dis-ease.

It is time to face these demons, expose them for the way they play on your emotions in order to make you a victim, and step into your own power to direct your life the way you want it to go. 


This external demonic creation has infiltrated every area of life… government, education, science, entertainment, sports, mainstream media, medicine, religion and even the spiritual/metaphysical communities.  Bad actors in these fields work to keep you down by playing on your emotions… by perpetuating your victimhood… so that they can offer you a so-called solution.  Only they don’t!  They simply grow more powerful in the power that you’ve given them, providing them more and more ability to keep you down. 

I’m pretty sure this is not what you signed up for when you decided to incarnate at this time, yet the masks many of you are STILL wearing tells me something different.  Do you even realize someone has conned you into believing you’re a nice person and protecting others by doing so?  You must not like yourself very much if you need a bunch of bad actors to tell you you’re a nice person. 

And don’t even get me started on vaccines.  If you’ve succumbed to the EXPERIMENTAL, non-FDA approved vaccine made by big, greedy pharma, just so someone might tell you you can go back to living a normal life… Ugh.  I’m not sure I am going to be able to help you as these shots have stuff in them that are causing permanent damage to your DNA, making it super hard to be who you truly are (which is the end game goal if you want to ascend). 

That said, I will now talk about why you may be stuck in dis-ease. 

From my experience there are 3 main reasons why people don’t heal:

  1. Denial of truth.  Whether it’s the truth of your own imbalanced pattern(s), or of the demons that exist in the external world and what they do to keep you down, if you are refusing to see things for what they are, clinging to some external source for comfort and protection, you only end up under the thumb of those you hide behind.
  2. Blame.  If you make someone else responsible for your problems, you have virtually no power to overcome it yourself.  Blame can morph into a need for revenge, to punish until the end of time, or unforgiveness that eats away at the physical body.  If you can see that you have chosen people and situations in your life for the lesson that will empower you, you’re on your way to a better situation.
  3. Resistance.  Specifically, resistance to the changes that need to be made to bring about balance and alignment.  If you’ve had a session with me, I will have done energy work that will create a release and that release may come in the form of having old emotions coming up, or even a situation (especially where karma is concerned) that provides an opportunity for you to act in a way that is who you truly are.  Resistance can become a habit, but if you can work to make a habit out of noticing your resistance, you’ll be able to make a habit out of using that clue that resistance is, to your benefit.  Keeping a log of your resistances is one way to do so.

If you are good at letting go of detrimental patterns, you’ll have the highest chances of fast and lasting healing and transformation.  How long it takes to heal a ‘problem’ depends on how readily you allow contributing patterns to be released.  If there are many patterns contributing to any given ‘problem’, it could take longer.  The release that occurs is the biggest problem for people.  If you resist the release… if you resist what has to happen in order for you to heal… if you resist being YOU, then it takes longer, and of course that is up to you.  The key is to not be afraid of your feelings or the situations that may occur that give you the opportunity to step into your power.

I do provide the tools to help you with this release and to do your own work so you don’t “need” me.  Truly, my goal is to empower you and not have you rely on me for a bunch of sessions.  I have a guide at probleminator.com that you can study and you will have to study every link to understand and benefit from the process.

For now, however, I want to offer some guidance on how to quickly turn around the resistance and wield your power in the situation.

  1. Consider what it is you are ultimately afraid of.
  2. FACE THAT FEAR with strong, warrior-like energy!
    • Ask yourself, “did something similar happen in the past?” and “do I have to experience the same outcome?”
    • Tell the inner demon to stand down and/or move on.
  3. Ask yourself who you are and what true-you would do in such a situation.  And then do it!

I realize that I have been much more blunt in this post than I normally would, but that is me and I make no apologies.  I have 100% love and compassion behind my words, but let’s face it, I’m not a weak-minded soul afraid of your backlash. I have filled out about 1000 forms since this so-called pandemic started, I have stepped into my power and it’s mine forever.  Would love for you to join me on the road to 5D if you dare.

Much love and light to you all,

Sundi Bright

5 thoughts on “When healing/transformation isn’t happening”

  1. Wow, you are truly a gift in this world & needed to read and reread all of that. Going to probleminator.com soon as I finish this (also that is brilliant name for website) xoxoxo

    1. Hi Sundi,
      I miss you on the other social media formats. I hope you are well. Keep in touch

  2. My son’s best friend (both in Grade 1) said to me yesterday, “I hate anti-maskers.” Grade ONE! I am one of the few people that don’t often wear masks at school for drop-off, and have been ostracized as a result. Yet I have a PhD in molecular microbiology and the size of the virus particle is smaller than what can be passed through a filter as in a mask.

    It’s challenging not conforming, especially for women, because it means you can and will be abandoned. That’s why I look up to strong women, such as yourself Sundi, who are brave enough to be themselves. Thank you for this inspiring post and showing yourself. It inspires us all.

  3. LOVE YOU, STRONG WARRIOR OF THE RADICAL LIGHT!!!! This journey has been long and difficult, but looking at ones shadow (not an easy thing to do) is so rewarding and healing in the end.
    Discouragement has been my latest demon. Seeing so many bow to the evil of this world.
    But we must Keep up the GOOD fight!!!!
    GOD WINS!!

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