Are you afraid of your feelings?

I wanted to take a moment today to give you a quick tip on tapping into your power and increasing your ability to manifest your desires.

And here it is:

Don’t be afraid of your feelings!

I don’t like what I see in the world today. What has been going on for far too long now.

I see fear being pushed, and as someone who feels the energies of the world far too intensely, I see this heading in a bad direction if each person doesn’t start taking responsibility for their own feelings.

After being duped a few times in my life, it has been a life lesson for me to not trust anyone who seems to provide a solution when I’m in a state of fear, desperation or any intense negative emotion.

There is a faction of society that is well-versed in the psychology of the human psyche and will use it to gain power over you if you let them!

They do this by creating a problem, exploiting your emotions around this problem, and then offer a solution that suits their own agenda. In your state of fear, you may buy into this option just for some sense of safety.

It is important that we all become aware and AWAKE to this ploy and realize that there is really nothing to be afraid of.

That only YOU hold the power to change your specific situation and it starts with exploring your feelings rather than leaving it up to someone else to solve some problem for you.

I offer FREE tools that can help you do this, but to give you a very brief idea of something you can do to tap into your own power, try this:

Whenever you feel negative emotions coming on, instead of trying to deny, blame someone else, or even worse, expect someone else to fix something for you, acknowledge those feelings in an accepting way.

With that kind of attention on the emotion, just like the double slit experiment… the pattern changes, and you gain more clarity.
My FREE guide at provides more details on how you can work through ANYTHING you consider a problem, transforming your vibration to one that is in alignment with a greater potential for great love, peace and abundance.

I am offering this for FREE because I am convinced this is what the world needs!

And here’s another 3-step tip for manifesting what you desire:
1) If there is something you know you want, imagine having it in as much detail as you can and while doing so, notice in your body and/or mind if you feel any resistance.
Believe it or not, its a scary thing for a lot of people to imagine what they want!
I have even noticed it in myself. When I’m in my comfort zone, anything that takes me out of my comfort zone is scary!
2) Each time you feel that resistance, sit in it for a moment. In fact, sit in it for as long as you have to to push through it with your own energy… your own power.
3) While you’re sitting in it, you might get insights as to exactly what that resistance is. If so, write it out, and talk to yourself about why there is no reason to fear and how you deserve all that you desire.
As mentioned above, you can go to for a free guide on this process.

If you need help, I am here for you.

My expertise lies in seeing how your vibration is creating ANYTHING you consider a problem, where that comes from, and what alignment with who you are and what you want looks like.

And I’ve just opened up my calendar to provide more opportunities for you to have a session with me if or when you need it.
For a limited time, I am making myself available from 11am – 3pm eastern time for sessions on Saturdays.
I am also now offering 30-minute sessions.
You can check my calendar for availability by going to

The world needs you to step up now, energetically speaking, dear one!

You have a choice as to how you want to be in the world.

* If you hand over your power to someone else, you get to live the life someone else has planned for you and it’s probably not what you would choose for yourself.

* If you face your fears while honoring your feelings with intent to heal, you choose power, freedom, abundance and infinite potential.

It starts with you, and it’s not as scary as you think it is.
I’m here when you need help!

In loving light,
Sundi M Bright
Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Law-of-Attraction Coach

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