You can be in 5D now

How are you doing on your path to ascension?

Are you feeling the shifts?

Are you resisting or allowing?

I still see a lot of resistance out there, a lot of false prophets and a lot of misunderstandings as to what ascension/5D really means and what it is or will be like. And so, I wanted to address this from a practical standpoint, as it isn’t necessarily about just being nice, especially if it entails forcing yourself to do so.

Higher Consciousness
First, lets talk about the practical experience of being in an ascended state or higher consciousness.

If you consider the language, it’s not necessarily all about vibration.

Yes, you have to have a higher vibration to ascend to 5D, but the language here is indicative of how you get there.

I am seeing too many unawakened ‘teachers’ saying you just have to be nice and peaceful. Even one of my favorite teachers, David Wilcock says ‘just be nice’. It is ironic that it is The Hero’s Journey that David also teaches in his book “The Synchronicity Key”, that I believe is the true path to ascension, which I will talk about shortly.

But back to higher consciousness. Being more conscious means you are more aware.
Not only of yourself and the incidents that have shaped you, but also of the world around you.

And it is ‘the world around you’ part that 2020 was to awaken you to so that your level of consciousness could be raised and expanded.

If you are resisting the information that… although censored and denied by mainstream media, big tech and other service-to-self factions of society… is widely available, you will miss the point of it all.

You have to be WILLING to see it.

Questioning the narrative will bring you the answers that move you above the fray and the fear and into a state that is in alignment with ascension.
I am here to tell you that it is the service-to-self faction of society that will try to keep you down so that you don’t ascend.

They have virtually no power if you rise above their dirty tricks and manipulations.

AND THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT! When you are willing to look and to see it for what it is, you naturally turn away, take back your power and ascend.

For eons, this faction of society has tricked you into believing you need them. They have created problems or made you believe there are problems that they can fix (for you). When you follow or support these “people”, you give them your power. They purposely turn you into a powerless victim with a goal of taking your power away from you.

AND that is not how you heal from past traumas, nor is it how you ascend.

Examples are: climate change, racism and Donald J Trump!

None of which are problems at all. And if you believe they are, then it is for you to look within to see what it is about the situation that triggers you and attracts that into your life experience.

It is for you to heal from that trauma and to obtain the power meant for YOU in the situation so you can fulfill your life’s purpose and advance along your path in the highest and best way.

As far as being nice and peaceful goes, it is this process that brings love, acceptance and unity. When you face the darkness that is a mirror of your own shadow, you will be able to transmute the shadow and appreciate the lessons.

Suppressing negative emotions and forcing ‘nice’ and ‘peaceful’ will get you nowhere. Being WHO YOU ARE is being in alignment with your ‘higher’ self… your ascended self and is THE most important way of achieving a balance and a higher vibration.
Abilities in 5D
Yes, it is true that you will have access to innate gifts when you ascend and in looking at the possibilities, you get clues as to what your energy needs to look like in order to be in alignment with 5D.

Imagine this… you can read the thoughts of others and they can read yours as well.

How does that make you feel?

If you shriek at the idea because you are afraid of being you and having other people see who you really are, you are not in alignment with ascension.

This example alone is enough to demonstrate why working on yourself, loving yourself and not being afraid to be who you really are is the key to ascending.

In fact, so as not to have this post be too long, I will stop there for now.
HOW to Ascend
It goes without saying that in order to ascend, you must expand and grow.

Expansion is the opposite of resistance.

Expansion comes from questioning the narrative.

Expansion comes from facing your fears.

Expansion comes from being willing to know the truth in all matters.

This is why I am offering FOR FREE, a guide to helping you through this process.
The Energy of Resistance
I have created a short and simple process which I describe in my document titled “The Energy of Resistance”.

In this document I recommend making it a goal to catch yourself in 10 resistances a day.

When you are AWARE of your resistance, you can either choose to let go (after setting intention for what you want), or choosing to face your fear and move through it to a more enlightened point of view.

The document explains all this. is an online version of my Transformative Journaling Outline. It is similar to the intake form you complete before a session with me, but it has links to more detailed info on how to transmute the shadow.

It is also free to use and review. When you complete the form, you energetically send your true desire out into the universe. Once you do that, it is a matter of allowing it to come to fruition. And you do that by watching your resistances as it is your resistance that stops the flow.

I do get a copy of this form and will only use the information to see where help is needed and to create material to guide you on your path.
That may be in the form of YouTube videos/interviews (if you’re willing to be on a public zoom call), or blog posts. I would get in touch with you first if I use any particular challenge you may be having as an example.
2020 / 2021
2020 was a tough year for all of us, but 2021 really depends on you as to how the year goes.

The universe is waiting on YOU.

You are loved and accepted and God forgives when you repent from any bad karma, let go of who you are not and align with you as your God-self.
I’m here when you need help!

In loving light,
Sundi M Bright
Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Law-of-Attraction Coach

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